Beauty, Pessimism, Hope - on 2 video art exhibitions in Istanbul and Düsseldorf

published in RES (Istanbul), June 2011, p. 122-124

(...) “'...the disordered and damaged state of the environment today has been (…) under our very eyes in the most flagrant way all the time', says Colombo in his introduction to the catalogue, and Calikoglu seconds him by writing in his own catalogue essay that the 'rational planning, which was sustained for the sake of a livable future, a safe urban life, and a modern level of comfort, has pitted nature against culture. We still have not found a way to coexist with nature.' Well, that might be a bit thick, given that worldwide millions of people live in peaceful coexistence with their natural surroundings and other thousands of people dedicate their whole lives to develop alternative ways of generation of energy and of benefitting from natural resources without eventuelly anihilating them. But no doubt, Calikoglu and Colombo have a point (...)"
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image: Doug Aitken, Migration (production still), 2008, (c) 303 Gallery, NY, and the artist 

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