Henrike Daum's Cabinet of Curiosities

published in: Depart, Dhaka, spring 2011, p. 76-79
Entering Henrike Daum’s studio in Berlin’s hip district Mitte is like entering a cabinet of curiosities: the light is dimmed, and while adjusting the eyes to the darkness, one catches first glimpses of moving images, shimmering objects and other, not immediately ascertainable, sensations in the twilight. When you step closer you may identify jellyfishes glowing in jam jars, a ladybird making its way around the edge of a glass or shiny mountains with luminous spots dancing over them.
The artist is fascinated by light in its manifold aspects, by materials and objects that reflect, radiate and illuminate. So it has come only naturally that Henrike Daum (born 1972 in Gütersloh (Germany), lives and works in Berlin), during her studies at the art academy in Münster (Germany) and in her becoming an artist, has been turning towards video as the ideal medium for her artistic investigations. Yet it’s not actually the medium or material itself which Daum wants to explore – it’s rather that light and motion are used for examinations of all kind of phenomena, usually linked to science or natural sensations in general. (...)

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