Review Liverpool Biennial 2010: Touched

in: ARTPULSE, Spring 2011, Vol. 2 No. 3
"People tend to complain about the high prevalence of video works on recent biennials and other major exhibitions. If you were already somewhat dizzy of all the videos on the most recent Berlin biennial, then this year’s Liverpool biennial will probably cause some headaches. Its programme means strain, even for passionate video art lovers, but it’s worth the effort. 
For example the video „Grand Organ“ by Düsseldorf-based artist Danica Dakić: Placed in a tower of the Liverpool Cathedral, it amalgates the organ, a children’s choir, and Liverpool’s impressive St. George’s Hall to captivating images about innocence, guilt, the individual and the collective, accompanied by a most exquisite sound.
Within walking distance – right next to the “Black-E”-building where Belgian artist Kris Martin has installed a gigantic sword hanging from the ceiling – lies the vacant “Europleasure Hotel”. Here Alfredo Jaar’s very moving 3-channel-video „We wish to inform you that we didn’t know“ is projected for the first time. It’s about the genocide in Ruanda in the nineties and so saddening that, after having seen it, one doesn’t feel like seeing anything else at all (...)"

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