Review: Jeanne Susplugas @ Think 21 Gallery, Brussels, in: Art Pulse, December 2010, p. 84

Champagne in the Morning
"It’s a wide range of media which Jeanne Susplugas covers not only in her recent show at Think 21 Gallery in Brussels but in her whole work. The French artist (born 1974 in Montpellier, lives and works in Paris) is not afraid of using diverse techniques and different formal approaches – drawing, video, installation, photography, stage design, sound pieces, etc. etc. – to pursue the matters she has been interested in for quite a while now. Thus she belongs to the happy few artists who owe the freedom to cross the media without restraint and without the fear of not being recognized for formal reasons. Her work is about content and ideas and it’s a pleasure to follow the artist through the wide field of her investigations of aspects of living in our contemporary society and our entanglements with anxieties and seductions. (...)"

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For more information on the artist (and the correct spelling of her name) please see here: www.susplugas.com

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