Project 6 at Babusch: Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir

Opening at Babusch, Berlin
Thursday, 12 August, at 7 pm
Project 6: Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir, Beyond Guilt
Screenings at 7 and 7.45 pm
Ruti Sela's & Maayan Amir's "Beyond Guilt" (video trilogy 2003-2005, 42 min.) consists of 3 chapters. Chapter 1 was shown on this year's Berlin Biennial (which ends this week). Shot in public toilettes, the video put into focus the interrelations between sexuality, violence and power and leaves an uneasy feeling. This 1st chapter made me so curious that I wanted to see also chapter 2 and 3. I did, and now I want to share them. Here you are.
Further Screenings:
26.8., 2.9., 9.9.: 7 and 7.45 pm
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